Car Batteries

Do you need a new car battery? Or are you unsure if the battery is the fault with your car? Here at poplar spares centre we have been a car spares store for over 40 years providing to the local community and batteries is what we do best. We offer batteries at the cheapest rate possible but at the best quality, we compare prices with people like Halfords and euro car parts and if they can beat our prices then we will ensure we go cheaper. All our batteries are maintenance free, ready to go, come with warranties and we even on some batteries even carry alternative brands with longer warranties.


We have experienced workers who are able to direct you the correct battery for your car and even fit it for you. Unlike other car parts stores like Halfords who charge £15 - £25 fitting, we fit all our batteries free of charge. If you are unsure the battery is the problem on request we can test your existing battery for multiple types of faults with our machine monitors to hand, we can also test your alternator so ensure that is the problem and not your battery. We have a quick change over policy, where as long as the battery is within warranty we will immediately swap it for another new one. Additionally on request we can give you £5 for your old scrap batteries.

Battery Charging

Yes, we do charge batteries in store. We charge £5 a day for charging your battery we will tend to give you a time slot of when your battery has charged enough and are able to to test the battery to see if it needs more charging or is dead. From there we would be able to give you advice on what you should do next.

Do we take scrap batteries?

Yes, we take your scrap batteries on request and will pay £5 for every battery given. For health, safety and environment purposes its important to dispose of your old acid batteries accordingly.

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