Number Plates

We are a licensed supplier of legal registration plate printing. We have all the correct software and high quality printers to produce your number plates on the spot while you wait. Whether they have been stolen, on retention, damaged, etc. If either of your car number plates is cracked, broken, faded or has marks obscuring the letters and numbers, then they're illegal and need to be replaced. We offer number plates at the cheapest competitive rate to other car shops. And unlike other suppliers we fit your number plates from us FREE OF CHARGE! If you are a company who is part of the TRADE we do offer a discounted price when opening an account, we hold local business accounts for number plates. For more information and prices please email

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What you need to bring?


To produce number plates we require your logbook (v5) or driving license for your records to the DVLA. If you do not hold these documents you can find alternatives below.


1. Proof of Identity:

·      Driving licence

·      Bank/Building Society statement issued within the last six months

·      Current utility, telephone or Council Tax bill issued within the last six months

·      Passport

·      National ID card issued by the Government of a state of territory other than the UK

·      Debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society

·      Police warrant card

·      Armed forces identity card

Remember - whichever Proof of Identity document you bring needs to show your name and address!


2. Proof of Entitlement:

·      A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) (Please be aware only the new red V5C Certificates are accepted, and not the old blue V5 Certificates)

·      The tear-off slip (V5C/2) from (V5C section 10)

·      A Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)

·      A Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate (V778)

·      A Vehicle Licence Renewal (V11)

·      A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)

·      An Authorisation Certificate (V948) from DVLA Local Office with official DVLA stamp, or a downloaded hard copy of the eV948 (Unfortunately we cannot accept forms shown to us on phones.)

·      A letter of authorisation from Fleet Operators (including a lease/hire company). The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C

Sometimes you might need to provide a third document if the two documents brought into store do not show your address. For example, if you bring a debit card and V948 into store, neither document shows where you live - so you'd need to bring in another listed document for proof of address.


The eV948

As of March 2015, the DVLA allows you put your personalised number plate registration (PR) number on retention online. You can receive instant confirmation that your personalised number plate has been put on retention, and you'll be told what the replacement registration number for the vehicle will be.

The DVLA also released an electronic version of the V948 certificate, called the eV948. You can download this certificate and present it along with your other paperwork to have your replacement plate made up.

We Make Show Plates!


We also create show plates to a variety of different sizes and custom designs. You choose how you would like to design your plate weather its for a bedroom door, gift, signage etc. We can do all types of fonts, logos, footballl badges, images, photos, borders. You choose exactly how you would like it call us or come in to find out pricing as it can vary. Some examples of show plates can be found below and in your store window.

show plate.jpg